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Friday, January 3, 2014

Introductions - 52 Week Project

Hello and welcome to the new year! Anyone want to take any wagers on how long their resolutions are going to last? I'm thinking I might make a month or two before they fall to wayside!

But anyhoo enough of thoughts of failed resolutions, this week's theme is introductions! What a great way to start 2014!

First up, my 7 year old rottweiler, Icey! I've had her since she was a 10 month old pup and she's still my big baby! She is an awesome ambassador for the rottweiler breed! Not to mention she has perfected the head tilt and is a massive bed hog! (95lbs worth of dog will do that!)
Next is the 2.5 year old, tons of non stop energy boxer/pointer (guessing) mix, Axle! I adopted him 3 years ago the day after Christmas as a big, bouncy 6 month old pup and he's gotten taller since! He weighs in at a lean 65 lbs, is fast like a greyhound, retrieves like a lab and has one of the best underbites around!
Finally is the pitbull terrier, Bender! This guy is a loveable lughead who enjoys shredding ALL the toys, ropes and bones he can get his jaws on. He's smart and food motivated, though it seems to only work when we are indoors! He also snores like an old man and snorts like a pig when he begs!
And dog treats make him drool...
Then there's me! I'm a Minnesotan girlie who loves dogs, photography, classic cars, zombies and a strong coffee to kick me in the pants for the morning. My favorite color is blue (or lime green or rust orange depending on the day), southern Colorado is my favorite place and I enjoy eating steak, bacon and spaghetti with a chaser of a hard cider.  I've got a half sleeve tattoo that features my camera, pictures of my rottie, my late shepherd mix, a zombie, a zombie hand and a skull with "faux" blood spatters on the edges :)

I typically wear contacts, but alas I had "terminator eye" (aka pink eye) which just so happened on my last pair of contacts so I've been rocking the glasses for now!

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  1. Hi, Just thought I'd let you know the link to Petlense Photography is a dead end. LOVE your pics!

  2. Ahahaha it was fun meeting you all. What a cute babies you have!