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Friday, January 30, 2015

52 Week Project - Fitness

Around here, fitness is low on our priority list. The gang and I bunker down against the cold and wait for the warm weather to stick around. To combat the zoomies, we do play catch in the house... on the bed!

 Occasionally the ball or kong goes under the bed...
Time for a break, I'm all tuckered out! 
And then... Axle! (He's playing catch with a plastic cheesy poof container!)

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Friday, January 23, 2015

52 Week Project - Framed

A balmy mid 30s temp greeted me as enlisted Miss Princess Icey and Mr. Pouty Puss Axle into helping me with the newest theme for my 52 Week Project - Frame It.

Icey is a total pro at modeling for me and will do dang near anything I ask in exchange for food. She's got a wonderful head tilt, perky ears and usually looks either super happy or very stoic. Axle on the other hand looks like he's pouting. All. The. Time. Unless he gets a lip caught, then he sneers like Elvis. Both lips caught is called the Gerp look.

We adventured to a local playground, complete with primary colors, slides, stairs and tunnels. Miss Icey was a superstar with every part, working the camera like a pro. She's also had years of conditioning having been in front of a camera since 10 months old. This March marks her 9th birthday!

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

The new (to me) camera!

Stuck here in the freezing sub zero cold that is Minnesota, I decided to invest in a new (to me) camera to help kick start my love of photography once again. The camera - a Sony NEX F3. It came with an 18-55mm kit lens, bag, external battery charger and randomly a Nikon strap.

A few days prior to snagging the camera, I managed to snag a vintage film 28mm f2.5 Tamron Adaptall2 M42 screw mount lens. (To all the non photography people I apologize for the photography jargon.) Paired with an adapter, it makes the perfect combination with the NEX. It also forces me to slow down as the lens is manual focus.

*Also a note to anyone who invests in a used camera - make sure the ratio is correct! Throughout the entire adventure I didn't realize that the ratio was 16:9 vs 2:3! Which means long skinny rectangles...

Where to go in the blustery cold? The first stop was Bumbledee's in downtown St. Cloud.

A short, very very brisk brought me to the back alley by the cathedral. By that point my fingers were so cold on my right hand, I was unable to tell if I was pushing the shutter button or not

 A quick warmup in my vehicle, then onward to the thrift store Savers!
 A solid example of depth of field. On the left is wide open at f2.5. On the right, the same glass stopped down to f5.6.

Not sure if Thor was giving me a high five or if  he was telling me he had dibs on the juicer.....

 Departing from Savers found me covertly snagging pictures at JoAnn Fabrics - where Valentine's Day, Easter and spring are currently in bloom...

From JoAnn Fabrics, the road was traveled to the Salvation Army Family Store (another thrift store).

Then into the night and home.

This is what a cop's flashing lights look like when they are light painted...

 So far this little beastie (the NEX) has restarted the photography spark. Plus with it being compact it will allow me to bring it along more often than my main big beastie.

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